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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Warm weather means

This is what warm weather means.  It means my hubby uncovers his little car after being under wraps for the winter.  He only drives this around in weather that is warm and no worries about getting stuck in snow.  It is an older car.  It doesn't look like it but it is 24 years old.  It still runs well too.  Now he didn't get it new, he bought it from someone selling it before moving to California.  It had some problems but he fixed it up a bit with a new top and a few small things.  We like to ride around with the top down and enjoy the freedom of it all.  I personally only like to ride on back roads and around close by areas.  The thought of being on an  expressway with Big trucks and lots of traffic scares me.  I am alright with our normal sized car but one that could fit under a tractor trailer does not thrill me.  So for the summer we will be enjoying rides in our little car for fun times.  The other car for trips to the grocery and places far from home.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Warm Weather Finally

It is finally getting warm outside.  I am finally getting over a fall I took way back in November.  Life is good!  I have some Spring tulips coming up.  Soon I will have a new glider sitting on my porch.  We are still in the process of assembling it.  I actually bought it used on Amazon and I think it was used because who ever bought it before couldn't get it put together.  It is a bit of a challenge but the hubby can do it.  He said the average person who doesn't have a lot of tools and know how on doing these things probably would give up.  Maybe that is why it was sent back and now I have it.  Good for me because the price was right.  I haven't blogged for a long long time.  I really just haven't felt like doing anything.  This past Winter has been a rough one.  I was beginning to think it would never end.  I am thinking now that it seems to be gone I might get back to this.  Blogspot doesn't make it easy though, sigh.  So just saying I am still here and wishing everyone a pleasant day.  Watch out for the potholes when out driving.  Like I said it was a BAD Winter. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Arctic living

It is so darn cold.  Woke up this morning to -12 degrees.  I hasn't become much warmer but I guess tomorrow and the next day will be warmer.  Then we go right back down again.  This has been one of the worst Winters I can remember.  Maybe it's because I am older now and the cold gets to me more.  I hear younger people complaining too though.  I sure am going to appreciate Spring more than usual when it finally gets here.  Staying indoors most of the time.  I can be happy about not having to go out if I don't want to.  So done complaining now.  Just checking in here and letting anyone who happens to see this blog that I am still around.