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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Warm weather means

This is what warm weather means.  It means my hubby uncovers his little car after being under wraps for the winter.  He only drives this around in weather that is warm and no worries about getting stuck in snow.  It is an older car.  It doesn't look like it but it is 24 years old.  It still runs well too.  Now he didn't get it new, he bought it from someone selling it before moving to California.  It had some problems but he fixed it up a bit with a new top and a few small things.  We like to ride around with the top down and enjoy the freedom of it all.  I personally only like to ride on back roads and around close by areas.  The thought of being on an  expressway with Big trucks and lots of traffic scares me.  I am alright with our normal sized car but one that could fit under a tractor trailer does not thrill me.  So for the summer we will be enjoying rides in our little car for fun times.  The other car for trips to the grocery and places far from home.